Workshop 3: Modeling in Cell Biology - Scale and Granularity

Workshop Overview

A fundamental unsolved problem in biology is understanding how a living cell emerges from the multitude of molecular components. Because cellular processes are highly complex and occur at a mesoscale that is difficult to address by direct measurement of all components, modeling will play a central role in revealing the origins of cell structure and function. Cellular modeling poses major challenges in terms of selecting the appropriate level of abstraction, scale, and type of model. While ODE models have long played a pivotal role, other types of models such as rule-based, network, and multi-scale models also represent powerful approaches. This workshop will provide a forum to discuss how we can apply various types of modeling, at different levels of spatial scale and different levels of detail, from fine to coarse grained, to tackle the challenges that cell biology poses.

Date and Location

May 18-19 (two full days)

San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency


Partial List of Speakers

Jun Allard - UC Irvine
Neda Bagheri - Northwestern University
Julien Berro - Yale University
Andras Czirok - University of Kansas Medical Center
Adriana Dawes - Ohio State
Ram Dixit - Washington University St. Louis
Timothy Elston - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
James Faeder - University of Pittsburgh
Holly Goodson - Notre Dame University
William Hlavacek - Los Alamos National Lab
George Karniadakis - Brown University
Charles LIttle - University of Kansas Medical Center
Jian Liu - NIH
Les Loew - University of Connecticut
Carlos Lopez - Vanderbilt University
Zaida Luthey-Schulten - University of Illinois
Lan Ma - University of Texas Dallas
Lishibanya Mohapatra - Brandeis University
David Odde - University of Minnesota
Wenying Shou   -  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 
Ivan Surovtsev - Yale University
Erkan Tuzel - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Roy Wollman - UC San Diego
Jianhua Xing - Virginia Tech
Bin Zhang - Icahn School of Medicine an Mount Sinai


Additional speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts.  


Meeting registration is free for all participants.   We also have funds to cover travel (domestic flights only) for all attendees as well as lodging.  Registration is on a first come first served basis.


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