Workshops sponsored by the QCB program

Our series of workshops and hackathons has drawn to a close after our grant ended, and we thank the hundreds of participants who made this series a remarkable success.  We hope to re-start this series in the future, so please check back here in the future.  Meanwhile, you can take a look at our Workshops page for a complete list of past Quantitative Cell Biology workshops. All of these workshops are sponsored by the National Science Foundation, thanks to whose support we were able to make attendance free as well as providing funds to cover domestic travel and lodging for all participants.  To learn about some of the impacts of our hackathon series, go to our Publications page, which shows papers that grew out of collaborations launched at QCBNet hackathons.


Additional meetings and other events of interest to the Quantitative Cell Biology Community



Other Past Events

qBio 2015 Summer School and Conference

American Society for Cell Biology 2015 meeting

Finding your Inner Modeler - an NSF sponsored workshop on how to get started with computational research in cell biology

qBio 2016 at Vanderbilt University

qBio 2019 at San Francisco State University