Attendee Application Form - Cell Modeling Hackathon II and III

Cell Modeling Hackathons 2018

Group photo - Feb 2018 Cell Modeling Hackathon

This year we will hold two Cell Modeling Hackathons.  These are three day long events designed to bring together experimentalists and modelers together and explore ways to collaborate.   On the first morning, participants will describe their work, after which we will conduct a series of "speed dating" interactions with the goal of eventually pairing everyone up into groups of 2-3.  After that, the groups will spend the rest of the meeting working together to build new models of interesting processes.  These joint projects can entail building models to predict experimental results or explain known phenomena, but also may entail combining two different models together into a joint model.   The goal is not only to launch new collaborations but also to explore how best to catalyze interaction between modelers and experimentalists.   


Both events will take place at the Mavericks Conference Center in Half Moon Bay, CA.  The dates for the two events are Feb 7-9 and March 14-16.    


*** Both events start with breakfast at 8 am on the first day, and end with dinner at 7 pm on the last day.  It is expected that all participants will participate fully for all three days.

Registration for these events is now closed.   Please check the QCBNet website for information about future events in this series.