Student travel funds available to attend meetings related to quantitative cell biology

As part of the QCBNet project, funds are available to support travel of graduate students engaged in quantitative cell biology research within the United States, to attend meetings relevant to this topic, such as the Cold Spring Harbor meeting on Cellular Dynamics and Models or the Gordon Research Conference on Stochastic Physics in Biology.  Specifically, funding is available to provide domestic air travel, which must be arranged through our designated travel agency.  You must send us your request at least one month before the proposed date of travel.   For more information and to apply for funding please contact Melissa Paraiso (email:  [email protected])

Note:  This funding is provided through an NSF grant with the specific goal of furthering the development of quantitative cell biology.  Travel can thus only be supported when it involves (a) cell biology at some level and (b) quantitative science (physical science, math, engineering).   In order to qualify for travel funding, you will be asked to provide a paragraph describing how this travel would further your interdisciplinary training in quantitative cell biology.